The MED-Amin Bulletin for 2019 cereal crop monitoring and forecasting has just been released!

The MED-Amin network countries participated for the third consecutive year in a crop forecasting exercise for cereal crops (soft wheat, durum wheat and barley) which consisted in comparing agrometeorological indicators of terrestrial observation provided by the MED-Amin Secretariat and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC) to field observations in each of the 13 participating countries.

The methodology applied in 2019 is based on the identification of zones (and their corresponding administrative units) for which positive or negative anomalies can be highlighted on the base of agrometeorological and remote sensing indicators. This phase was carried out at mid-April, with an update mid-May.

For each of these two phases, the MED-Amin National Focal Points qualitatively assessed the yield prospects of these target areas through a feedback from field experts. The preliminary establishment of sub-national statistical references makes it possible to visualize the potential impact of the identified hot-spots on each country.

Find out which 2019 outlook stands for cereals in the MED-Amin countries while harvest has started in many areas. Do not hesitate to share this Bulletin/report in your networks. You can download it from here!