Pascal Bergeret, Director of the CIHEAM-IAMM (Montpellier, France), shares his analysis on food security in the Mediterranean amidst Covid-19 pandemic.

He evokes the singular and promising MED-Amin initiative to play an active part in the solution. See the video (only in French): 


"This is paradoxical, because stocks are at their peak, they are full. The crops production is likely good, in average. The CIHEAM closely follows the cereal markets in the Mediterranean through the MED-Amin network ( harvest forecasts, consumption forecasts, imports and exports… If decisions like export restrictions are imposed unilaterally, without consultation, this can have catastrophic effects.

Networks, such as CIHEAM and MED-Amin bringing together the 13 countries around the Mediterranean, which allow decision-makers to connect with strategic decisions and, information and good practices exchange, are vital for the future."