You find below some details on the contents of two successive reports. The first one from the MED-Amin network itself, the second from the CIHEAM.

The emergence and rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus on all continents has been sending singular signals in international markets and countries' economies. The Mediterranean (especially its Southern and Eastern rims) is not spared, being one of the most sensitive regions to world prices volatility due to its dependence on international trade.

The objectives of this report are to inform the general public with facts and figures related to the threats of COVID-19 on the agri-food sector of the CIHEAM member countries and to document policy responses to those threats, with emphasis on innovative measures taken by governments.

The content of the report is based on information collected from the focal points of the MED-Amin network. It focuses on the agricultural markets, in particular on the cereals sector.

It illustrates clearly the importance of multilateral action and international dialogue related to food security in the Mediterranean region.

-> Download the report here.


--> You can also have a look at the CIHEAM Report on the impacts of the pandemic on the Mediterranean agriculture and rural areas here: