Based on the collaboration established between MED-Amin and IGC, and the webinar held on June 9 on early 2022 grains harvest availabilities (quantity), this second webinar will address key challenges on quality of grain supplies for the Mediterranean countries. The informative session will broadcast the main global suppliers 1 ’ updates on the quality of their 2022 wheat production and processing to fit the evolution of consumption patterns in the Mediterranean. In particular, it will show how producers adapt to both long-term trends and recent changes triggered by food systems disruptions and food prices volatility since the pandemic crisis in 2020 and accelerated by the conflict in the Black Sea.

1: For instance Argentina, US, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine.

Background information

Against the backdrop of a continued upswing in food consumption, the IGC’s medium-term world supply and demand projections highlighted the increased importance of milling wheat for global trade flows. Qualitative information on wheat is of increasing strategic importance for decision making and can be used to supplement more widely available quantitative data.

The IGC’s first grain and oilseed production forecasts are typically issued months before the start of the marketing year, with initial outlooks based on projections for harvested area and yields. For common wheat, the IGC publishes its first acreage forecasts for the coming season in November, with a provisional production figure normally issued two months later. Quantitative information which, although considered somewhat tentative early on in the cropping cycle, is therefore widely available in some form, often months in advance of the harvest (and was the subject of the previous IGC and MED-Amin joint webinar).

However, information on wheat quality is generally less accessible, sometimes heterogeneous and often issued only after the completion of the harvest and laboratory analysis. The webinars will help to identify the methodology, timing and type of information available to the wheat market. 

The webinar will help to identify the methodology, timing and type of information available on the wheat market, and gaps to fill in order to get accurate and on-time information for importers and key-operators of the wheat value chain and contribute to the information system on the grains market.

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Audience: IGC and MED-Amin members (13 Mediterranean countries).

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