Extract from the Bulletin 2023-2 published at the end of May (on 10 May Crop Conditions):

The Maghreb and the Iberian Peninsula are facing one of the worst seasonal droughts in recent decades. In comparison with the previous outlook, this resulted in a downward revision to well-below average expectations for the final production particularly for barley. Drought became particularly intense in March, negatively affecting photosynthesis of winter cereals during flowering, and accelerating ripening in April at the expense of primary production. Crop failures are most likely to occur in several important grain-producing regions of Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The weather observed during this review period was marked by contrasting drier or wetter than-usual conditions, which influenced crops in many areas. Positive crop growing conditions observed in the Balkans, Italy, France and Türkiye are expected to compensate the poor outlook of western Mediterranean countries.

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