Abstract of NL45: The outlook for 2023 winter crops production has been deteriorating rapidly in western Mediterranean countries since the publication of the first MED-Amin Early Harvest Forecasting Bulletin at the end of March. The seasonal drought is hampering crops in most of the Maghreb area, in particular in Tunisia with crop failure potentials. In Spain and Portugal, the situation has critically deteriorated, with entire regions suffering from lack of rainfalls and soil moisture (with temperatures significantly warmer than seasonal average).

All this will be closely monitored by JRC MARS and MED-Amin and updated in the May Bulletin. In this issue, you will find also the reports of the latest JRC MARS Bulletins on Europe and Türkiye.

In Greece, winter crops are developing fairly well so far. The sowing of winter cereals started 20 days before the average [...]

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