Extract of the Newsletter Edito : "The June Bulletin reported winter cereals crop failures in several important grain-producing regions of Spain, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. In other areas, crop growing conditions remained favourable despite a clear degradation due to over-wet conditions prevailing before harvest operations in parts of Türkiye, Italy and Greece. New regions in France are under the spotlight after a new-coming dry spell. Two webinars organized back-to-back on July 6 depicted the cereal supply and demand balance forecasting, and the early outlook of major grain exporters for 2023/24 marketing year. If you want to read more about:

  • stocks inventories and monitoring;
  • logistics challenges due to a reduced production;
  • Ukraine war and consequences for Mediterranean value chains;
  • monitoring short-term trends in international wheat maritime trade flows;
  • agricultural commodity prices and policies.

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At the occasion of the Spanish presidency of the network, the newsletter is translated into Spanish thanks to a collaboration with CIHEAM Zaragoza and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Spain.

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